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Salt & Pepper Homes was born from an absolute LOVE and passion for people and real estate! The joy of seeing a family fall in love with a home the minute they walk through the door, to handing over the keys, is what keeps us driven in this exciting industry.

Professionalism, excellence, respect, honesty, integrity and trust are the 6 key foundations that Salt & Pepper Homes are true to, and we make sure that every property professional and staff member live up to these values.

At Salt & Pepper homes we believe in building long lasting relationships, and rely on repeat and referral business, thus making sure we cover all the bases when selling, leasing and renting out your property.

We understand that the decisions you make today will affect the rest of your life, hence our attention to detail, so that the sale of your property is executed with confidence.

Salt & Pepper Homes started as a dream and was established in the National Lockdown of 2020. The founder and director spent her lockdown days recreating a business plan and model for the new venture. The aim was to start a real estate company that does “real estate right”.

Our Mission at Salt & Pepper Homes is to educate our clients in the real estate market about the market trends and values, to stand out above the rest, by truly living up to our values, being part of our community and always striving towards a positive contribution.

We plan to start small and build our brand one successful sale at a time.

Salt & Pepper homes – Let's season your home!